CUNIPIC launches four new products for birds No Comments

Cunipic has launched four new products packed with vitamins and minerals to keep our little birds healthy and strong throughout the year. But, especially now, that the weather changes it’s getting colder, our little pets need special help to boost their immune system. Egg Food for

Cunipic’s Cunijaula successful launch No Comments

Cunipic’s Cunijaula successful launch   One of the biggest bets during Cunipic 2013 was "Cunijaula" launch, the ideal accommodation for rabbits, customised with Little Cuni character. It is the pet ideal home, with measures that meet European standards, which requires at least an 80 cm length. It has already been introduced in

Cunipic’s Romanian Channel Total Pentru Animale growing No Comments

Cunipic’s Romanian Channel Total Pentru Animale continues to expand Totul Pentru Animale ( is the parallel channel of EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PET (CyP Mascota) that Cunipic created aiming for the Romanian market. In late October 2012 Cunipic decided to launch this new channel and subtitled into Romanian all videos from the Spanish channel. Since the