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Do I have to cut my guinea pig’s nails? How do i do it?

The nails of the guinea pigs, are like ours, do not stop growing, so it is convenient to cut them when we see that they are too long. The way to do it is as follows: Sit the guinea pig in your lap and grab the paw firmly but without overtightening. This prevents them from making a sharp movement with the leg and getting hurt while we are cutting their nails. Inside the nails you will see that there is a small pink thread, the veins that feed the nail. We must avoid cutting where the vein is since this would make them bleed, therefore we will cut only the tip, before reaching the vein. Some have dark nails and it is very difficult to see where the vein ends. In these cases it is better to cut only the tip a little so that we do not go over and make them blood. Sometimes, no matter how careful we may be, we can cut the vein and end up bleeding. If this were the case, the best remedy to stop the bleeding is to put a little flour on the tip of the nail.

If you don’t think you can do this task, you can go to your veterinarian to do it.

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