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How long do hamsters live?

The Syrians generally live about three years. Smaller varieties, such as Siberia or Campbell, do not live as long, usually about two years. Roborovski is the exception of dwarf hamsters, and has come to live three years in captivity.

How can I know if my hamster is pregnant?

It’s very difficult to say. It will only look fatter than normal about 2 days before giving birth. She can build a nest or improve the existing one and will usually be more active than normal. Dwarf hamsters are pregnant for about 19-21 days (Syrians only 16 days) so the best thing you can do is wait and see. When they give birth, you can check our You Tube channel “Everything about your pet” on what to do in these cases, but above all remember not to touch the young.

How to find a lost hamster

We invite you to watch our video on “HAMSTERS – How to find a lost hamster. Useful tips.” it sure helps you.

How often should I clean the cage?

Wet and dirty areas should be cleaned daily. Accessories should be cleaned at least once a month or every time they get dirty. The cage should be cleaned once a week with soap and water. However, if the hamster has an area assigned to do their needs, such as a container or a closed place, you can clean only that area, as long as there is no urine or feces in the rest of the cage.

What age can Chinchilla get pregnant?

The gestation period varies by race but, generally, lasts a total of 111 days, from conception. During the first 60 days, the pregnancy of a chinchilla is quite difficult to detect, but after 90 days it is more noticeable.

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