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CUNIPIC launches Hamster Mini, the ideal food for little hamsters

Hamster mini is the newest product from Cunipic. It is a complete food, enriched with vitamins and minerals, specially designed to feed dwarf hamsters. 
This product is a must for three reasons, such as the high content in millet, a cereal that hamsters love; also, the size of the food, very small and thus ideal because they can eat it easily; and the bag’s size, smaller than the standard.


The mini size of the bag has advantages; firstly, 400 grams is ideal for these dwarf hamsters because the food is fresher for a longer time and thus it is more manageable and, lastly, because of the prize.

This food is Premium from Cunipic, a high quality food that contains feed for hamster, muesli wheat, millet, wheat, barley, wheat spike, pea snowflake, fescue, hibiscus flower, marigold, birch leaves and corn. All these ingredients add very healthy nutrients to little hamsters diet. And, last but not least, they are really palatable.

Cunipic always promotes innovation in order to improve pet’s health and wellbeing. We believe that this new bag for mini Hamsters will fully satisfy these little animals needs for healthy food and confort.

And now, “Curiosities you didn’t know about hamsters”; a very, very, very USEFUL video!


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