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The best variety of gourmet hays inside Naturaliss’ degustation box

Cunipic has launched this new degustation box that contains Cunipic’s Naturaliss Hays: Timothy, Wild, Mountain and Orchard Grass with apple. The most innovative part of this new product is that you can take with you four wonderful hays at once. As well, the box is very light and very easy to carry due to its handle. We assure you that with this box your pet will never get bored. And it also gives you the 20% free.

All the hays from the degustation box are made with 100% natural products. Cunipic is always looking for the best flavor and palatability through mixing plants and flowers, in order to give to your pet the best product. So, Timothy Hay has excellent healthy properties; Wild Hay is grown in fields that have not been cultivated in a 100 years and so are free from any type of chemical; Mountain Hay includes a variety of more than 40 flowers and plants; finally, Orchard Grass is mixed with apple to give it a special flavor.

Don’t wait any longer, go to your usual shop and purchase this new degustation box. Your pet will enjoy it!


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