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Toys for rabbits, guinea pigs and Chinchillas by Cunipic

After numerous requests received by our fans, we have decided to launch specially designed toys for rabbits and rodents like guinea pigs and chinchillas. These toys are the gaming table, the magic carpet and the toy tree. We have called them Cunitoys.

They are non-toxic toys made from natural wood, very vivid and colourful so that our pets can have a great time, because they are entertained and stress-free.

Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas can chew these toys safely, since all raw materials used are suitable for consumption

We have designed three items: board games, a magic carpet and a tree. They are particularly designed for pets, so that they can entertain themselves when they are on their own, thus, you also avoid they chew or scratch furniture at home.

The Gaming Table enterteins our pets all day long, since they can jump, hide, play and chew all the elements contained in it.

The Magic Carpet serves to wear their teeth down well. Also, they can play with its threads, what causes them a pleasurable effect.

The Toy tree is for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas so they can play to their liking, gnawing and pulling it.

These toys make happier pets!

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