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Cunipic launches Timothy Hay with Calendula

Cunipic launches a new hay, Timothy Hay, being one of Cunipic’s most natural hays. It is Timothy Hay, indeed, one of the healthiest of the market for rabbits and rodents, because of its high levels of fiber and because it is low in calcium. These traits are good to achieve a better digestion, to prevent obesity and to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Timothy Hay prevents teeth erosion due to long fibers and help maintening the intestinal muscles of your pet in optimal conditions, avoiding hair balls. This new variety of hay is enriched with calendula, a flower that has antiinflammatory properties .

It is also dried under the sun, which makes it tastier for a longer time, as well as very aromatic. These traits make of him one of the healthiest hays for the pet.

¿Would you like to know how we elaborate Naturaliss Hay? Here you have an explanation.

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