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Cunipic launches Alpha Pro, the most nutritional, complete and healthy “all-in-one” in the market

Cunipic launches Alpha Pro, a new range of products completely innovative that provides rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters with all they need to grow healthy and happy. Extruded food or all-in-one food is presented in bite-sized nuggets. Each nugget contains all the necessary ingredients and vitamins, stopping selective feeding and hence preventing lack of nutrients. In addition, it is a sugar-free, calorie-low and high-fibre diet that prevents cardiovascular and cancer diseases. And all of that taking into account palatability, because we’ve tested Alpha Pro on hundreds of animals and they love it.


Different sizes for different animals


The new range of extruded food for pets Alpha Pro is presented in different sizes to different pets. In a 1,75 kg bag, you can find Alpha Pro for adult rabbit, guinea pig and chinchilla. Junior rabbit has its special size in 2 kg. To give more variety to the client, these four references are also offered in bags of 500 grams. Hamster has only one bag of 500 grams, as this pet is smaller, eats less and furthermore, the customer keeps the product fresher for longer.


The extruded food for pet


Alpha Pro is made by an extrusion process consisting of grinding raw materials and baking the resulting mixture through an extruder forcing it to go through a die where is cut to the desired length. However, the extrusion done in Alpha Pro is different from the other brands in the market, since cereals aren’t used (except the Hamster) and the cooking is made at low temperatures.


Alpha Pro advantages


The extrusion made in Alpha Pro is different from the other brands in the market, since cereals aren’t used (except the Hamster) and the cooking is made at low temperatures, keeping then vitamins and aminoacids, that have a preventive effect from diarrhea, obesity and diabetes to put only some examples. As well, prebiotics have a protective effect in front of cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer.

The level of fibre in Alpha Pro is also the highest in the market, helping intestinal transit; they have healthy fats like omega 3 and 6; they have the correct ratio calcium-phosphorus for each species and, finally, it helps dental wearing due to the high content in fibre, which is essential for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters for an optimal dental health.




Alpha Pro has also a range of delicious and healthy snacks that contain a smooth cream vegetable or fruity filling with different flavours: berries, carrot, apple and malta extract. This last one is also a vegetable that helps to prevent the formation of hairballs in the stomach. All four snacks contain vitamins and minerals, apart from healthy fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 for healthy coat and skin.

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