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Cunipic launches three new hay products for rabbits and rodents

 Cunipic pet company launches three new hay products that are a great source of minerals and nutrients for rabbits and rodents, and they also have an excellent taste. Wild Hay, collected from the wild meadows in the Pyrenees, Orchard Grass Hay with Apples, and Mountain Hay with Olive Leaves are now launched to supplement the food of your pets in a very healthy way and to fully satisfy their palate.   


Wild Mountain Hay

Cunipic announces today the official launch of Wild Hay, exclusive hay that comes from meadows located in the Pyrenees, in the territory of Cabó. These meadows haven’t been sown for a good hundred years and they have no rests of pesticides or chemicals, according to University studies. Therefore, it is a 100% natural Hay as the plants grown in there are truly wild.


These meadows also contain more than 45 floral species, such as fescue, ryegrass, sativa, felty germander … all of them highly palatable and ideal for small herbivorous pets. Wild Mountain Hay is very nutritious, great in richness and variety. It is also highly aromatic, high in fibre, vitamins and essential minerals that aid digestion and keep your pets healthy and content.


Orchard Grass with Apple

This hay is made from the seeds of Ray Grass Westerworld. It contains only young leaves, cut no later than 20 days after the plant started to grow to ensure obtaining fresh hay, not dry or woody, and greener than the rest of the available hay in the market. This process ensures its excellent nutritional properties for rabbits and rodents, and it is also rich in vitamin C and B, which neutralize the action of harmful free radicals.


Mountain Hay with Olive Leaf

The other reference that Cunipic has recently launched is Mountain Hay with Olive Leaves. It is made from Festuca hay, Demeter variety, which is greener, fresher and more aromatic. Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and in fibre, it is a delight for the senses of small pets!  Olive leaves give a touch of the healthy Mediterranean diet to it and also improves the palatability and variety of your pet’s diet.

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