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CUNIPIC has achieved a new breed: Rex Merino Belier

Cunipic has from today a new breed and, thus, it increases the variety of rabbits we already have. The new breed is Rex Merino belier, a typical rabbit with lop ears but with a very dense long wavy hair, which makes him really exclusive.

It is a new variety achieved after two years of research and hard work by Paco Ibáñez, Head of the Innovation and Development Department. He has been able to successfully isolate and characterize a gene that establishes this type of hair, very soft and really exclusive. That is why it is a rabbit that will be sold with pedigree, and its own health record booklet.

It is a very popular breed with rabbit’s lovers, which has been very much in demand during recent years. This type of dense long and wavy hair makes them very spectacular. They are also docile, quiet and sociable, specific traits of Belier rabbits.

Cunipic’s researcher and geneticist Paco Ibáñez has achieved to characterize this hair gene in Beliers of different colors. So, you can find Rex Merino belier in white, brown, black … which increases our catalogue to offer you much more diversity and quality.


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