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CUNIPIC launches four new products for birds

Cunipic has launched four new products packed with vitamins and minerals to keep our little birds healthy and strong throughout the year. But, especially now, that the weather changes it’s getting colder, our little pets need special help to boost their immune system.

Egg Food for Granivorous birds, Egg Food for Red Canaries, Insect Patée for Insectivorous and Tropical Patée for Tropical Birds are complementary food enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins. They have also probiotics that suppress the growth of potentially harmful organisms and increase their defenses.

The yellow bag is for Granivorous and includes egg and honey. It is also enriched with calcium.

The red bag is for Red Canaries. It contains natural pigments that provide them a thick and bright plumage.

The grey back is Insect Patée, for Insectivorous birds and has high levels of proteins due to the high number of Insects that contain.

The orange bag is Tropical Patée, for tropical species, and include honey, fruits and extra supply of omega 6.

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