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Corn Naturlitter Corn

Naturlitter Corn is an organic corn substrate for the hygiene of small mammals, suitable for disposal by the WC. It is a natural ecological bed suitable for all types of pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, small rodents, cats, birds, ferrets, dogs, etc. Naturlitter Corn, is 100% natural, comes from the inner core of the corn cob, and its sponge effect provides excellent conditions for the daily hygiene of your pet.

Additional Information


100% natural corn bed.

Direction of use

For animals that use corner, fill the container. Change the dirty area regularly and then fill with new product. For an optimal adaptation of the animal make a progressive change, leaving at the top a layer of its old bed. Store the product in a dry place.

Weight of the package

10 liters / 31 l


300/5000 100% Ecological and biodegradable

It can be safely discarded by the WC without risk of clogging the pipes

Clean and hygienic, dust free

Repels bacteria and germs, and possible fungal formation.

Prevents allergy and respiratory problems in the most sensitive animals.

Cuni Advice

Recuerda retirar las heces y la suciedad de la jaula diariamente. Además de vaciar y limpiar la jaula por completo 1 vez a la semana.

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