White Ears Belier, a new rabbit’s variety from Cunipic

Cunipic’s Innovation and Development Department has obtained a new variety of Belier rabbit: Belier with White Ears. They are available for the customers in any of the colors (dark and light colors) and type of hair.

After a two year period of hard work, our geneticist, Paco Ibáñez, has successfully completed the research to isolate and characterize a gene that stablish white colour on rabbit’s ears, legs and neck. According to Cunipic’s specialist, “it is the end result of many months of work, because this gene is only obtainable from the 4th generation on. After this generation, there is a 90% success rate”. So, in Cunipic we have now reproductive rabbits that have this gene and they have already delivered little rabbits.

This gene makes Belier rabbits especially beautiful, because of their white ears, legs and neck. It is a very rare variety, and it will be part of Cunipic’s highest breeds and, hence, it will be a pedigree variety. Also, they will be given away with pedigree and health record booklet.

That way, in Cunipic we are responding to many enquiries that come from pet lovers and that encourage us to keep going to improve our breeds and increase variety and quality.


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