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A customised house for your hamster

In Cunipic we have brought to market a unique item, a leading product in Spanish market. It is “My hamster’s house”, a shaped-house transportation box. It is specially designed for your endearing pets. This cabin (made from cardboard) can be located inside the cage and it is like the hamster´s little house. It is also customisable, since the boy / girl can paint it the way he/ she likes it. It even has a section to write the name of the pet. It is ideal to carry the pet from the shop to the house and it is a fantastic toy for hamsters -or other small pets like gerbils, degus, mice or rats. Moreover the children can also use it to make crafts, as it is specially designed to cut the doors or the windows off and leave them open. The hamster can play hide-and-seek and can gnaw it since it is a non-toxic cardboard. Ask for it at your favourite shop!

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