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Accommodation for each pet

Following the success of Cunibox in 2013, we have now launched the ideal rabbit accommodation. It’s called Cunijaula and it is customised with the funny character Little Cuni. We have these new little houses ready.

Prior to it, we had made little houses for guinea pigs and hamsters, with Little Cuni drawing too. They have been working really well. All of them are well thought through products, because they facilitate the arrival of new pets at the new home, and help them to adapt to the new environment.

The rabbit cage has an 80 cm long trough and it is ideal to accommodate a bunny, as it has an opening on the side to make the access to the house easy for the animal. As for the guinea pig cage it has a 60 cm though and it has the side entrance too. Lastly, the hamster cage has a 50 cm trough and it is equipped with a system of tunnels, a house-nest and a wheel for the animal to do its daily exercise.

In Cunipic we offer the best solutions to those who have made the decision of having a well looked after pet at home. Thus, we offer packs with accommodation for pets which include food, snacks, bedding items, hygiene and grooming products and merchandising goods as tattoos, colour sheaths and beach balls to play inside the house. We offer these packs not only for rabbits, cobayas or hamster, but we also offer them for ferrets in a special design for them.

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