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New Cunipic products 2 in 1

Is your pet bored? We can now provide you with two new Cunipic products that keep your pet from being bored!

In Cunipic we have launched two new products for rabbits and small mammals that combine food and fun: hay tunnels and hay balls. These two toys are edible too, and that´s why we call them 2 in 1 products. They will delight rabbits and small mammals, included in the company Naturaliss range, as these new items are 100% natural.

The hay tunnel stands on a cardboard base and consists of hay from high mountain meadows and includes calendula, mint and roses. It comes in two different sizes, so your pet can hide in it if it’s small enough. The hay ball is made from natural willow and it’s filled with meadow hay and calendula. The animal will have fun pushing or hiding inside of it too. At the same time, they can take their daily ration of hay.

These new toys-snacks are ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, squirrels, gerbils, degus and other small mammals. With these toys, your pet will no longer be bored.

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