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Optiimuno+, for a healthy and long life

Many of you already know ERA, our dog brand that helps extend the life of your pet. And how do we get it? Because it contains the formula OPTIIMMUNO +, providing all the necessary functional ingredients so your pet can enjoy a healthy, long and happy life. Optiimuno + and ERA are designed for people who take care of themselves and hence their pets too and want to enjoy a long and healthy life. To achieve this, food is key and that is why we have devised this formula of dog food, which makes the difference.

The formula OPTIIMMUNO + is a careful selection of functional ingredients that have proven to provide health benefits, helping the proper functioning of the body, leading a healthy lifestyle and increase life expectancy. To know all the advantages of Optimmuno +, go to the ERA website: https://www.erapetfood.com/en/

In addition to Optiimmuno +, ERA is composed of 65% ingredients of animal origin, with fresh meat as the first ingredient, as well as vegetables, brown rice, fruits, algae and plants.

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