Would you like your pet to be famous?

In Cunipic we know that you share very special moments with your pets. That they are funny, surprising, special … and that’s what makes you fall in love with them. We would love you to share these fantastic moments with us, so…why don’t you record a one minute length video of your pet!!!

You only need to post your video on the Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/cunipic?fref=ts . Please write the hashtag #mascotasCunipic indicating also the name of the pet. You can also post it on your Twitter or Google + account. But remember to label it #mascotasCunipic.

We do this because we would like your pets to be on our Youtube channel “The how and why of my pet” https://www.youtube.com/user/CyPmascota

Can you imagine your pet being a star? For a successful StarPet, post your video on Cunipic channel CyPMascota

We would like to celebrate with you that we are nearly 30.000 subscribers and our videos have been played more than 5 million times. So, nothing better than celebrating this occasion with you and your pet starring in CyPMascota “The how and why of my pet”!

The procedure it’s very simple. Just record the scene with your mobile, your tablet or your camera. Do it with the highest quality and in horizontal format. Once you have it, upload your video on YouTube or on Vimeo.com and post the link on our Facebook profile, Twitter or Google +. Do not forget to include the label #mascotasCunipic so that we can locate the video. The deadline is on the 20th July. With your recordings we will create a very special video.

Three, two, one … Action!

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