Our Philosophy

Cunipic is a brand by and for animal lovers, where our passion leads us to look for new ways to promote their growth, health and happiness. Through our products, we aim to turn every interaction with them into a fun and enjoyable moment that strengthens your bond.

Our business philosophy is based on these fundamental pillars:

  • Providing quality pets and research to improve their welfare and diet
  • Bet for best quality ingredients, that contribute to our products multiple functional benefits that contribute to the well-being of the mascots.
  • Join you and your pet, helping you from the birth of your relationship to grow healthy and strong, giving it a full, long and happy life.
  • To train and educate people so that they know and take the best care of their pets, which are, after all, one more member of the family.

Our goal: to create for your little ones the most complete food adapted to their needs.

Without a doubt, we believe that the great success of CUNIPIC is that each and every one of the people who work at CUNIPIC love animals and we do our work with love and dedication because they deserve it, no more ,no less.

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